Concrete Delivery Mixed on Site vs. Ready Mix: See How We’re Different

Traditional ready-mix concrete delivery = you pay for the entire load, no matter how small your project so you are possibly wasting hundreds of dollars each load.
Concrete Deliver Trucks

Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

  • Concrete must be poured within 60-90 minutes after leaving the plant.
  • Extended travel time, traffic delays, or backlogs on the jobsite could put the whole load in jeopardy – and you’re stuck
  • You must pay for the entire load or what you ordered.
  • Cannot adjust the mix or dry slump once it arrives.
Each of the volumetric mixers from On-Demand Concrete is like its own batch plant so none of those issues is a problem.
Concrete Deliver Process

Site-Mixed Concrete Delivery

  • The sand, cement, aggregates, water, fiber, color, and other admixtures or chemicals store in separate bins and compartments in the truck.
  • At the job site, the truck operator programs the precise ratio of ingredients for the job and it’s ready to go.
  • Long distance, rural jobs, delay on site – doesn’t matter. You get the same fresh concrete.
  • The truck thoroughly mixes a fresh batch in the exact quantity needed. Fresh concrete maximizes early strength and gets your PSI to what you need very quickly.
  • You pay only for what you use, whether it’s a half yard for a DIY residential project or hundreds of yards for a large commercial pour. Learn more about how it works »
Concrete Deliver Review
Concrete Deliver Review
Concrete Deliver Review

Any Project Size or Scope

Large On-Site Continuous Production Capability 60 CY Per Hour Pouring Per Truck CDOT Approved Rapid Set for Road Repair Fast-Set Flowable Fill or Flowable Fill for Utilities Custom Mixes Night Pours Save Time and Labor

Concrete Deliver Review
Concrete Deliver Review
Concrete Deliver Review

Pay Only for What You Need

Perfect for Small Batches or DIY Projects Colored/Decorative Concrete Basements Foundation Walls and Footers Driveways Garage Floors Patios and Sidewalks Save Time and Money

Load On Site Capability

Ideal for Large Commercial Pours

No Waste

We Site Mix Only What You Need

On-Site Mixing

Ideal for Remote Job Sites and Specialty Concrete

Custom Pours

Every Batch Mixed to Your Exact Specifications

Always Fresh

Provides Peak Strength and Consistency

Commercial or Residential

No Minimums or Quantity Limits

Fun Fact


of Site-Mixed Concrete Poured in 2018

On-Demand Concrete: Colorado Concrete Delivery that Saves You Money!

Unlike standard ready-mix concrete trucks that deliver pre-mixed concrete to your jobsite, each On-Demand Concrete volumetric concrete truck is a mobile batch plant and concrete mixer in one. We deliver the raw ingredients and custom mix the concrete on site. This means your concrete is always fresh for maximum performance. Plus, you pay only for what you use! Learn more about site-mixed concrete »

ON-Demand Concrete Projects
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