Demo: Hybrid Polymer Concrete

Join us on March 27th to attend a demonstration of Hybrid Polymer Concrete in action, hosted by On-Demand Concrete! 

What is FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete? 

FasTrac Hybrid Polymer Concrete is a three-component concrete system containing engineered polymer resins and specially selected aggregates. When mixed, the reacted chemistry produces a durable polymer concrete composite designed for bridge deck overlays, patching, and road resurfacing applications. 

Specially designed to resurface and restore prepared concrete surfaces from 1/2″ to 12″ in one application lift. 

The Ultimate Bridge Deck Overlay and Patching Solution:

  • Custom Engineered: Zero VOC. 100% Impermeable and High Resilience.
  •  The #1 Patching Solution: The only product to achieve a perfect score from the NRRA.
  • Smooth and Safe: Friction Aggregate can be added for increased safety.
  • Reopen Quickly: Rapid return to traffic in 2-3 hours or less.

Hosted by On-Demand Concrete, come get a live product demo on Wednesday, March 27 from 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM at the Bedrock Slingers Main Office, located at 10611 Highway 257 Spur, Greeley, CO 80634.

Lunch and drinks will be provided with a Q&A following the demonstration.


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